Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Posh Yarn. If your question isn't answered below, or on our other information pages, please feel free to email me with it, using the contact button above.

Questions About Posh Yarn

I'm in your area, can I visit you?

Yes, you can now visit our studio! The address is Creature Farmhouse, Bosherston, Pembroke, SA71 5DN. We are open most of the time, but you might want to call ahead of time to make sure that we are around, and not out walking the dog!

Why do you only update once a week?

Posh Yarn is a small family business, just myself & Tony, and a couple of helpers once a week. We can only update once a week, because that's how long it takes to get an update ready.

Do you have a newsletter I can subscribe to?

If you look at the bottom of every page on the Posh Yarn website, you will see links to Ravelry, Twitter and Facebook. You can get updates, news, etc by following us on these links.

Yarn Bases & Dyeing Queries

Can I request a particular yarn base for the next update?

I buy our yarn stock frequently, so you are very welcome to request a specific base for an upcoming sale, and although I cannot guarantee that I can meet that request successfully, I will try my best.

What yarn bases are in your current range?

You can see our current yarn range here. This is divided into two ranges, the regular range (which makes up the core of our updates) and the occasional range (which only appears occasionally!).

I have a skein I bought years ago (or got in a destash) and the base isn't in your current list. Can you tell me the yardage?

If you have a yarn that has been discontinued, you should be able to still find it on our Ravelry yarn page.

I bought Yarn Base X from you 6 months ago but you don't seem to sell it at the moment. Will you ever stock it/dye it again?

You can see a list of our current yarn bases here. If the yarn that you want is not on that page, email me, and I will let you know if it has been permanently discontinued, or if we can order some in for you.

Where do you buy your yarn?

We get all of our current yarn bases from UK suppliers.

Can I use your yarn photographs?

Yes, you can, but please note somewhere that the photograph is copyright of Posh Yarn. Visit our Photo Archive page to find photos from some of our past updates.

I saw a colourway that sold out, can you dye me some more?

I'm afraid not, all our colourways are one offs, and can't be replicated.

Do you do custom dye lots?

I'm so sorry, no, we don't. It doesn't work well with the way that Tony dyes.

What do you dye your yarn with?

Acid dyes.

Does hand-dyed yarn bleed colour/come off on your hands?

That is a possibility with any hand dyed yarn, try as hard as we do to prevent it. There are two steps in our process that check it, first whether the dye exhausts in the cooking process, secondly, whether the rinse water runs clean. We don't let yarn through if it doesn't pass those two stages. At that point you assume that the yarn is fine but even then there is no guarantee that contact with the knitter's skin (because skin is acidic) won't start pulling out some excess dye.

We are always testing new dyes, new fixatives, and new cooking methods, in the hopes of solving this problem, but I think it is one that will always plague indie dyers who do not dye under factory conditions.

I'm washing my FO/swatch and lots of colour is bleeding out of the yarn. What should I do?

Despite our best efforts, very occasionally this will happen, more likely with a very saturated colourway. It is caused by excess dye particles that haven't bonded to the fibre during the setting process, but have hung on to the yarn during the rinsing process (we always rinse our yarn until the water runs clear - although usually the dye has exhausted in the cooking process - but that doesn't always shift stubborn dye).

If you are dealing with the unknitted yarn, what you need to do is to place the yarn in some luke warm (not hot!) water, with a little gentle laundry detergent (we don't recommend wool wash, unless it is unscented, as the essential oils that are used to scent it can actually encourage dye to bleed) in it. Leave it to soak for an hour or so. Rinse, rinse, rinse. If it doesn't rinse clear at this point, you can repeat the process until it does. That should loosen up the excess dye particles and clear them out. The overall colour of the yarn should not be affected by this. If it is, or you aren't happy with the process, please let me know.

If you are dealing with a knitted item, you will need to be more cautious, especially if you have used more than one colourway in a project. We recommend washing your project in cold water with your usual detergent. Some people like to add a good glug of white vinegar, but don't do this if you have combined colours in your project! Don’t leave it soaking in the water for ages as this might encourage the dyes to start bleeding. Soak it for 10-15 minutes, then rinse, rinse, rinse, rinse. Again, once you rinse the item, the water should run clear, and the finished colours of the project shouldn't look any different. Some knitters like to use a drop of Synthrapol, or a colour catcher sheet, just to be on the safe side.

Shopping & Payment Queries

I can't see any buy it now buttons, how do I buy your yarn?

The page you see now is the shop preview, if you refresh that page at 7pm on Sunday, you will see buy it now boxes next to each item.

Why is all your yarn always sold out?

We restock our shop every Sunday at 7pm, so if you come back then, you'll see fresh stock. Our sales are pretty fast, and things sell out quickly.

I had the yarn in my shopping cart but I couldn't check out with it? What happened?

While the yarn is in your shopping cart, before you complete checkout, it is possible for someone else to buy it. This is known as cartjacking! This is why you need to be fairly quick when completing your purchase.

Can I combine orders?

Absolutely! We usually combine your orders into one package, regardless of how many times you check out, which is why you are only charged postage once.

Do I need to register to use your site?

At the moment you cannot register on our site, but we are working on a system that will enable preregistering an account, and it should be ready very soon. You will still have a choice about whether you register an account or not, it won't be mandatory, but there will be advantages to doing so, such as moving through Checkout quicker (because you won't need to enter your address each time), and being able to check back on your order history, status of your purchases, etc.

Do I need a paypal account to buy from you?

No, you don't need to have a Paypal account, since you can still use Paypal to make card payments, even without an account. If you live outside the UK you will need to pay us through Paypal. If you are in the UK (or have a friend or relative who can pay for you), you can send us a cheque if you don't want to use Paypal.

Do I need to pay VAT?

You will be paying VAT on your purchase if you are in the UK. If you are in Europe, you will not be charged, but your own Customs may require an equivalent sales tax before releasing your package to you. The postage cost listed for your region includes VAT where applicable. The yarn prices are shown both including and excluding VAT, so you will need to take note of the price that includes VAT.

I am outside the UK. Can you deduct VAT from the price?

You will find that the VAT is deducted as you proceed through Checkout, as long as the country we are shipping the yarn to is outside the UK.

I didn't receive any confirmation email, how do I know you have my order?

The confirmation email system is automated, and can be a bit patchy (we're working on it). If you didn't receive confirmation from Posh Yarn, check your spam folder, it might be in there. If not, do you have a Paypal receipt or a Paypal money request? If so, that means your purchase went through. If you are concerned, please feel free to email me. I send out an email to all the customers on the Monday, to say that the parcels have gone out, so at the latest you should hear from me then.

If I don't like the yarn can I return it for a refund?

Absolutely. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, you are welcome to return it for a refund. I do ask that it be returned within 14 days of receipt, and that you email me first.

I really want something in your update, but I can't be there for the update - will you set it aside for me?

I'm so sorry, we can't do that. What I would suggest is that you ask one of the Posh Knitters on our Ravelery group to be your shopper by proxy. You don't have to give them your personal or bank details, it's quite safe.

How do I buy a gift voucher for someone?

Our voucher system is currently undergoing an update, and will be back online as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can arrange for a voucher via email to Please specify the recipient's name and email address along with the desired amount (in GBP) for the voucher. You can request that your voucher be sent on a future date, and there is no expiry date on the vouchers. A new and improved voucher system will soon be up!

How accurate are the colours in your photos?

The yarn is photographed in a studio setting, against a white background with large studio lights. This is done to try to bring out as much detail in the colours as possible. The photos are edited, and the colour descriptions written, afterwards, under natural light. We do our very best to get our yarn photographs colour accurate, but colour is a very subjective thing! So as well as photographs, we use written descriptions of each colourway, to help you get a reasonably accurate idea of the shades in the skein. There is a list of the colours I may mention, with what I think the colour definition is on our colour information page.

Do you ever do special sales/kits/clubs?

Yes, we occasionally do special updates, such as a sweater pack update (where you reserve an entire dye lot for large projects) or a Dawn Update (where the update is held very early in the morning to enable customers from places like Australasia to shop at a more civilised hour), or more infrequently, kits. If you follow us on Ravelry, Twitter, Facebook, or on the blog, you will see notifications of any upcoming special update. We are not running any clubs during 2014.

How will I know what yarn bases are coming up in the next update?

We are currently running our updates on a planned schedule. You can see details of that at the top of our customer service page.

Are you doing any shows this year?

Unfortunately we are currently unable to do any yarn shows.

I have a shop, will you supply your yarn wholesale to me?

No, I'm sorry, we don't do wholesale.

Delivery & Parcel Queries

What are your postage costs?

Our flat rate shipping charges are £3.75 for UK customers, £5.00 for European customers, and £8.00 for international customers.

What are the delivery options? Are my orders tracked?

We send all our parcels through Royal Mail. Individual parcels cannot be tracked, but if you want us to send your parcel by a trackable service, email me, and we can arrange it (at an extra cost to you). This can be done regardless of your location.

Will I have to pay a Customs fee on my parcel? Will you mark my parcel as a gift so that I don't have to pay Customs?

This is out of our hands, sometimes Customs will grab a parcel, sometimes not. We cannot mark a parcel as a gift, or change the value on the customs label so that it is under the limit, sorry. If you live somewhere that regularly gets Customs fees (such as Norway), you might want to request that we split your order into smaller packages. If we do that, we will need you to pay postage on each parcel.

How long will it take my yarn to arrive?

We dispatch your orders every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Post usually takes 1-2 working days in the UK, 3-5 working days in the EU, and 10-14 days Internationally (there may also be some delays due to Customs).

My parcel hasn't arrived, what can I do?

Don't panic!! Parcels can sometimes be slower, especially around busy times of the year like Christmas, or public holidays. We don't often have lost parcels, they are usually just a little delayed. You might want to check with your local Sorting Office, sometimes a parcel will be sitting on the shelf there. Ask them to check for a bright pink package. If you have done this, and you are getting concerned, email me. We cannot check on the progress of individual parcels, but usually a parcel will be returned to us if it hasn't been delivered to you.